Questions to Ask Your Senior Photographer

We are here to help you make the most of your senior photos!

Senior Photography


  • Does the photographer choose or have chosen locations for my session? 
  • Are they available when you want your session (specific date, season, specific location)? 
  • Will you be the one shooting my student? If not, ask to speak directly to the photographer.
  • Will you have any assistants or second photographer with you during the session? 

About the Photographer

  • How long have you been shooting students? 
  • Can we see the full galleries of a few of your recent sessions?
  • Have you ever shot at  ________ (location)? 
  • Review the photographers portfolio.
  • Are you a Certified Professional Photographer?
  • Do you have liability insurance?  
Senior Photography
Senior Photography


  • How would you describe your photography style? 
  • How would you describe your working style? Do you prefer to blend into the background to capture candid moments, or do you like to be more visible and take charge to posed images?
  • Do you shoot in studio &/or on-location?
  • Are you able to retouch any acne or scars out of my images?  If yes, how much will it cost?

Pricing and Packages

  • What does your starting session(s) cost and what is included?
  • How do I order prints?
  • Can I customize a package to fit my needs?
  • Do you include digitals?
  • Do you offer retouching, color adjustment, or other corrective services? Are those included or an additional charge?
  • Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?
Senior Photography
Stockton Senior Photography

Prints and Albums

  • Can we order prints, gifts & albums directly from you?
  • What type of albums do you offer? Do you provide assistance selecting images and designing the album?
  • Are albums or prints included in your packages? How many pages or prints are included, and what is the turnaround time?  (Albums vary widely in size, materials, finish, and page count; be sure to compare based on specifics)
  • How long after the session will we be able to view our images? How will they be delivered?
  • Will we receive digital images? Is there a fee for that?
  • Will the images be accessible online? For how long?
  • What additional products do you offer?
  • How will you be using our images?


  • Is a contract necessary?
  • Do you charge for travel?
  • Do you accept payments in installations?
  • What is your refund or cancellation policy?
  • Do you have liability insurance? Does it cover your assistants, as well?
  • Do you carry backup equipment?
  • What is the backup plan if you are unable to shoot my session for an unexpected reason?
  • Can we request a list of specific shots we would like?
  • What is your policy on rescheduling due to weather or illness?
Senior Photography

Copyright Law

The photographer owns the copywriter to all photos.  If applicable you will receive a print release with your photos to print on your own.  If you do not have a print release you may be in violation of Federal Copyright Laws.

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